Roller Coaster Highway, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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20 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Highway, Tulsa, Oklahoma

  1. (The technical name of this road is “County Road NS 366.” It’s one mile west of “Old Highway 56, and about 1.5 miles west of State Highway 56, just north of Wewoka, Oklahoma.)

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  3. This specific road has not looked like this for many years. There are some others in Oklahoma that look very similar, but I found an article from a Tulsa Area site that explains it.

    “Prior to its widening and reconstruction by Tulsa County in the late 1990s, 41st Street was a dangerous drive between Highway 97 and Berryhill. Its nickname of “Roller Coaster Road” aptly described the steep climbs and drops the narrow roadway took along its course, Smith said. The improvements leveled many of the hills and made the roadway attractive to commuters.

    “Drivers no longer take their lives in their hands on 41st Street when they travel between Sand Springs and Berryhill,” Smith said.”

  4. like the tail of the dragon in North Caralina and Tennasee. this is a road to ride. Is there any info on how many miles this road is and how many points and drops. i’m in New Jersey and i write for Hot Rods and Harleys magazine and would like info before making the trip and when is the best time to do the trip. Like is this a Fall trip for the leaves or a summer trip please understand i want to ride this on my harley. please email me if you have this info @ subject rollar coaster highway

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